Venda is looking for Experienced Support Developer

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Venda is looking for Experienced Support Developer
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Job Purpose

This key role provides client facing teams with technical support for clients hosted on the Venda platform. Key responsibilities include investigating and analyzing reported issues, applying bug fixes and providing workarounds for known issues.

Principal Job Objectives    
    - Investigate, analyze and resolve root cause of technical issues reported by clients.
    - Code fixes for issues within web pages/templates using a combination of HTML, Java Script and CSS. Code must be clean, well structured and efficient. For instance, HTML documents automatically generated by software products like Dreamweaver are not acceptable. The code must be well structured and at all times workable i.e. designed with the web and the capabilities of the existing platform in mind.
    - Use/embed Venda proprietary HTML tags and script to access the Venda e-commerce platform functionality within standard HTML pages.
    - Develop sites that are compatible with all major browsers, IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.
    - Optimize code to ensure good performance and end user experience.
    - Adherence to W3C standards and accessibility guidelines.

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications

    - Thai nationality.
    - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT or related field.
    - At least 2 year experience in web programming
    - Knowledge of HTML, CSS2/3 and Java Script essential (ability to hand code HTML).
    - Knowledge of JQuery is essential
    - Knowledge of SASS is a very strong benefit.
    - Knowledge of AJAX is a strong benefit
    - Knowledge of Foundation or other responsive framework is a strong benefit
    - Knowledge of the GIT version control system is essential. Note that experience with CVS, SVN or Source Safe is also acceptable.
    - Knowledge of Unix command is a benefit.
    - Ability to work well under pressure.


    - Ability to read English is critical
    - Good verbal and written English skills is essential
    - Good interpersonal skills.
    - Team player & coordinative

Direct Report

Team Lead

Please send your CV with a cover letter to [email protected]

Venda Software Development Ltd.
Unit 1-2, 5-6, 17th Floor, Capital Tower, All Seasons Place
87/1 Wireless Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel: +66 (02) 654 0775 ext: 122
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